QuotedRenos.com was created to help homeowners and other people in need of renovations, to get the best possible quoted price for their renovations.

Our service is complimentary for project posters that want competitive quotes on their renovations.

Only Renovators incur a minimal fee to purchase tokens that permit them to bid on posted projects.

While there is a Renovators listing on our web portal, we a not a renovation referral company.

We do not collect and sub out or resell jobs for a commission or flat fee.

At any time a project poster can halt bidding on their renovation project and / or select a winning bidder for their renovations.

Upon a successful winning bidder Renovator winning an auction for a posted project, the complete contact details of the project poster will be sent, via email, to the winning bidder Renovator.

We are not involved in negotiations, bids, quotes, prices or project work in any capacity following a bid having been won.

We bear no legal liability or responsibility for any renovations.